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The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast

Sep 3, 2019

Business strategy isn't always fun for creatives, but the incredible Leonie Dawson (#1 bestselling author of the My Shining Year workbooks and multi-million dollar entrepreneur) shows us how to blend creativity and business for a truly aligned entrepreneurial journey.

Tune in as Brigit and Leonie chat about:

  • Why the world needs more soulful women to make good money 
  • The importance of developing business skills as a creative 
  • How to be a good custodian for wealth 
  • How to integrate creativity and fun into your business 
  • The dark side of a creative business and how to navigate it 
  • How a conscious choice and committed action lead Leonie to to over $10million in revenue 
  • How to end an offer or program with grace, integrity and respect 
  • The beautiful spiritual journey of stepping into your biggest, truest self